Tips to become a Beauty Queen with a heart 👑 

A beauty queen represents elegance and personality. It is expected that you would face more challenges to enhance your skills, personality and beauty. If you’d like to become a beauty queen, there are tips you can do to be like one.
Seven tips to become a beauty queen 

Tip no. 1 – Confidence

Always remember that confidence is everything and it will help your mood. Show your confidence at all times. Don’t look so boastful.

Tip no. 2 – Smile

Smile, smile and smile. It will give people a good impression to you. Show your teeth when your smiling. If you are confusing when you smile just practice it in front of the mirror and say “cheese”.

Tip no. 3 – Be a role model

Stay positive at all times. You should become a happy person so that the people around you can adapt your positiveness. Be nice to other aspirant, audience or other people around you.

Tip no. 4 – You need to be in good shape

Start attending in yoga class or other exercise its a good and healthy way to have a good lifestyle. Don’t engage yourself in harmful dieting or in gym. Eat vegetables, fish, fruits and other healthy foods. Drink 3 ltrs of water per day and drink a glass of milk every morning. Sleep early to less the eyebags and to get a natural glow.

Tip no. 5 – Excellent posture to walk

You need to have a great posture to become a beauty queen. You walk regally with your shoulders back and head straight. Stand up straight to improve your mood. Don’t show any awkwardness and nervousness. Walk with a confidence and give all your best. Just simple walk that will remember your audience or your signature walk. Try to walk with heels to be comfortable.

Tip no. 6 – Ready for the interview

You should read, search the possible questions and write down to prepare your answer in advance. The main solution is to practice, practice and practice.

Tip no. 7 – Try and Try

Its good to try and try until you succeed to get the title and to be a beauty queen.

And lastly

Tip no. 8 – Pray

Don’t forget to pray and ask God for guidance it will help you to be positive and calm during the screening or the actual pageant.
There is nothing wrong for joining any pageant as long as it fits you. Remember this tips and it will help you during your pageant. Good luck sunshine. ☺️ Do your best! I know you can do it.