Tips to become a Beauty Queen with a heart 👑 

A beauty queen represents elegance and personality. It is expected that you would face more challenges to enhance your skills, personality and beauty. If you’d like to become a beauty queen, there are tips you can do to be like one.
Seven tips to become a beauty queen 

Tip no. 1 – Confidence

Always remember that confidence is everything and it will help your mood. Show your confidence at all times. Don’t look so boastful.

Tip no. 2 – Smile

Smile, smile and smile. It will give people a good impression to you. Show your teeth when your smiling. If you are confusing when you smile just practice it in front of the mirror and say “cheese”.

Tip no. 3 – Be a role model

Stay positive at all times. You should become a happy person so that the people around you can adapt your positiveness. Be nice to other aspirant, audience or other people around you.

Tip no. 4 – You need to be in good shape

Start attending in yoga class or other exercise its a good and healthy way to have a good lifestyle. Don’t engage yourself in harmful dieting or in gym. Eat vegetables, fish, fruits and other healthy foods. Drink 3 ltrs of water per day and drink a glass of milk every morning. Sleep early to less the eyebags and to get a natural glow.

Tip no. 5 – Excellent posture to walk

You need to have a great posture to become a beauty queen. You walk regally with your shoulders back and head straight. Stand up straight to improve your mood. Don’t show any awkwardness and nervousness. Walk with a confidence and give all your best. Just simple walk that will remember your audience or your signature walk. Try to walk with heels to be comfortable.

Tip no. 6 – Ready for the interview

You should read, search the possible questions and write down to prepare your answer in advance. The main solution is to practice, practice and practice.

Tip no. 7 – Try and Try

Its good to try and try until you succeed to get the title and to be a beauty queen.

And lastly

Tip no. 8 – Pray

Don’t forget to pray and ask God for guidance it will help you to be positive and calm during the screening or the actual pageant.
There is nothing wrong for joining any pageant as long as it fits you. Remember this tips and it will help you during your pageant. Good luck sunshine. ☺️ Do your best! I know you can do it.


Ways to improve the relationship between family members 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

“Family that prays together, stays together” families are the vital part of God’s plan. He loves us, trust us to improve and strengthen our relationship with our loved ones.

I would like to discuss the best ways to improve and strengthen our family relationship.

1. Pray

We need to pray to help us. Pray for our family, their burders and sorrow in their hearts. Family should reduced and keep themselves worthy to have the companionship of the spirit of god.

2. Feel the love

We need to show the kind of love every member of our family.

3. Listen

Listen carefully and try to understand to what they say because sometimes if nobody else listen they afraid to share their feelings or thoughts. It is important that think before saying something, we should be careful the words we have to say. Express our feelings by stating how we feel, avoid any harsh language.

4. Spend quality time

Family time is a perfect venue to have fun and a key to have a good communication, peacefulness and feel the love in the family. To have a bonding moment to your family, go to church, watch movie, eat together, exchanging a funny stories, travel the places that you wanted to visit. Happy moments help the family to enjoy each other’s company.

5. Being open

Being open to discuss the problems and issues is another key to improve the relationship. A healthy exchange of views and problems will help to family bond.

6. Respect each other’s right

When having a fight with some of the member of the family, talk again after everyone has a chance to calm down.
I know that we do our best to have a good relationship with our family. We should be try this ways to have a happy. peaceful and strong family. If you satisfied in this blog, feel free to like and comment. Thank you and have a nice day. 👍🏻

How to be a real and true friend

“A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerate your success” Doug Larson 💞
Sa panahon ngayon konteng konte na lang ang mga taong totoo. Paminsan mukhang totoo pero deep inside plastic naman talaga at kung mukhang plastic pero sa loob totoong kaibigan. Para magkaroon ka ng idea of how to be a true friend.
There are ways para matawag kang real and true friend:

1. Always listen 

Dapat marunong kang makinig sa kaibigan mo dahil yan ang best na magagawa mo during may problema o masaya siya. Magkakaroon kayo ng bonding sa isa’t- isa.
2. Cheer them up

Actually, mahirap ito gawin kapag galit o gustong mapag-isa ng kaibigan mo hindi mo siya makakausap pero just try na maging masaya siya. Kung upset naman siya, madali lang. Kausapin mo o mag bigay ng advices at mag joke. Dapat positive lang lahat, wag maging negative para hindi siya mawalan ng pag-asa or what.
3. Supportive

Masaya magkaroon ng kaibigan na supportive, promise. When it comes to laag, pumili ng damit o make up, gustong type sa lalake, likes mo sa buhay at iba pa. You should be there sa mga achievements nya dahil ma appreciate niya masyado yan.

4. Always be there

Yan lang ang magagawa mo sa kaibigan mo. During sa ups and downs niya dapat nandyan ka. Celebrate the wins and be there in losses. Maliban sa family, kaibigan din ang madaling karamay sa mga problema o mga masasayang bagay sa buhay.
5. Accept the person

Kung gusto mo siya maging kaibigan kailangan mo tanggapin kung ano siya, saan siya galing at iba pa dahil duon lang mapapatunayan na totoo kang kaibigan ka talaga.
6. Share honest appreciation

Maganda din ito para mas maging matibay ang pag kakaibigan niyo.
7. Try to improve their life

Hindi ka naman perfect pero may kagustuhan ka na maging maganda ang kinabukasan ng kaibigan mo. Kung sa tingin mo hindi naman maganda ang ugali niya, try mong kausapin siya at sabihin ang mga honest opinions mo pero dahan dahan lang din dahil may iba din naman silang kagustuhan sa buhay. Tulungan mo siya at tutulungan ka niya, salitan para maging maganda ang friendship niyo.
A real friend is the one who understand the tears behind your laughter and the pain behind your smile.